CCSF in the News

4/26/15 — City College battle prompts bills to rein in accreditation panel

4/14/15 — Mayor Lee appoints new trustee to City College board

4/14/15 — Alex Randolph is appointed to CCSF’s sidelined Board of Trustees

4/9/15 — CCSF to begin contract negotiations with faculty union amid unpredictable state funding

3/22/15 — CCSF turns attention to $270 million in planning needs as threat of accreditation loss dwindles

3/8/15 — What’s next for City College of San Francisco?

3/5/15 — Marchers decry state of City College Civic Center campus

2/25/15 — Mayor reviewing candidates for vacant CCSF trustee seat

2/23/15 — CCSF’s trustees to be restored to power in July

2/18/15 — Accreditor Must Revisit Decision to Close City College of San Francisco

2/18/15 — CCSF braces for ultimate accreditation battle

2/18/15 — Judge orders CCSF’s accrediting body to reconsider 2013 termination decision 

2/5/15 — Chancellor: CCSF requests court to revoke accreditation termination decision

2/2/15 — CCSF special trustee steps into retirement

2/1/15 — CCSF special trustee to retire; replacement to be named by end of month

2/1/15 — CCSF special trustee retires unexpectedly

2/1/15 — Balboa Reservoir first to be tapped for development under SF mayor’s Public Land for Housing

1/29/15 — Second CCSF campus closes due to seismic safety concerns

1/28/15 — CCSF sees lowest enrollment drop since 2012

1/21/15 — Community College in the Crosshairs

1/20/15 — Shutting the Door on City College’s Neediest

1/19/15 — Judge Weighs In on CCSF

1/17/15 — CCSF gets flak for Gough Street redevelopment plans

1/16/15 — Judge issues favorable ruling in CCSF’s quest to retain accreditation

1/16/15 — Judge: City College Did Not Receive ‘Fair’ Accreditation Hearing

1/14/15 — CCSF gets two years to regain accreditation

1/14/15 — Restoration status approved for CCSF in quest to remain accredited

1/14/15 — CCSF wins reprieve: Shutdown averted with 2-year extension

1/13/15 — CCSF defends abrupt announcement to temporarily close Civic Center Campus

1/12/15 — Seismic concerns shut CCSF Civic Center campus

1/9/15 — CCSF faculty: Civic Center Campus closure announcement made at last minute

1/8/15 — Big CCSF decisions loom: college’s future at stake

1/7/15 — Accrediting commission to decide on restoration status for CCSF

1/6/15 — CCSF not among California community colleges seeking four-year degree programs

12/21/14 — CCSF pushes $500K ad campaign to boost enrollment

12/18/14 — CCSF accreditor takes beating in panel hosted by Rep. Jackie Speier

12/17/14 — For first time in 18 months, CCSF board of trustees to hold official meeting

12/10/14 — Re-evaluation of CCSF pitched during trial’s closing arguments 

12/9/14 — CCSF faculty irked by planned departmental changeups

12/9/14 — Mission Improbable: City College May Soon Close. And If It Doesn’t, It May Never Be the Same. 

11/18/14 — Copying Off The Test: For-Profit Colleges May Benefit from a City College Win

11/17/14 — CCSF backers rally at board meeting

11/16/14 — Board of Governors to discuss plan for restoring control to CCSF trustees

11/10/14 — CCSF trustees may not return to power until 2016

11/6/14 — CCSF board gains four new trustees who want to work ‘cohesively’ 

11/3/14 — Live testimony in CCSF trial concludes; both sides to make closing arguments next month

11/1/14 — Panel that rejected CCSF appeal over accreditation had ties to commission

10/31/14 — City attorneys: Adequate warning not given on threat to close CCSF

10/30/14 — Witness: CCSF received warnings for years that it was in jeopardy

10/30/14 — Panel chief appears to change testimony in CCSF trial

10/28/14 — Accreditation Commission President Testifies Commission Was Quick To Discredit CCSF

10/28/14 — SFGate: Dramatic testimony shakes up City College of San Francisco trial

10/28/14 — CCSF trial opens with testimony on Student Success Task Force, removal of trustees

10/27/14 — Trial concerning future of CCSF to begin

10/20/14 — Why 10 candidates are fighting to be powerless CCSF trustees

10/19/14 — Candidates seek seats on CCSF board despite trustees’ lack of power

9/23/14 — CCSF lacks policy regarding whether to arm campus police

9/20/14 — San Francisco Judge Rules CCSF Accreditation Case Will Go To Trial In October

9/19/14 — Judge refuses to halt October trial over CCSF accreditation

9/11/14 — City Attorney, Accreditation Commission Get Day in Court Over CCSF

9/11/14 — Sides drawn in courtroom showdown over CCSF accreditation

9/8/14 — CCSF chancellor confident school will qualify for restoration status

9/4/14 — Bill that would protect elected community college trustees awaits governor

9/2/14 — The Accreditation Conundrum

8/29/14 — Bill that would increase transparency for community college accreditation heads to governor’s desk

8/27/14 — CCSF visiting team had recommended lesser penalty

8/27/14 — CCSF decision defended by accrediting commission

8/26/14 — CCSF remains optimistic for coming school year despite enrollment drop

8/22/14 — S.F. College accrediting panel proposed probation, not more severe sanctions

8/20/14 — ‘Future is Rich’ for City College of San Franciso, Says Chancellor

7/30/14 — CCSF’s last option to avoid closure is full of uncertainty

7/30/14 — CCSF Applies for Accreditation ‘Restoration’ Option

7/29/14 — CCSF chancellor confirms school will seek restoration status

7/28/14 — PH Studies courses continue at troubled City College of San Francisco

7/22/14 — CCSF still in bad shape, accrediting commission says

7/22/14 — Commission completes reassessment of CCSF, rules school failed to meet accrediting requirements

7/21/14 — Accrediting panel rejects City College of San Francisco’s appeal

7/17/14 — Judge rejects ACCJC attempt to suspend lawsuit in CCSF saga

7/14/14 — A Tale of ‘Too Big to Fail’ in Higher Education

7/10/14 — CCSF sues coffee shop operator over $127,000 in unpaid rent

7/8/14 — CCSF special trustee reinstated; report to study restoration of board

7/7/14 — CCSF special trustee could be reinstated for another year

7/7/14 — AM Alert: Community college board reappoints CCSF trustee

6/29/14 — City College of S.F., commission both need overhaul

6/27/14 — State auditor slams accrediting group that sanctioned CCSF

6/25/14 — Stabilization funding extended for CCSF in state budget 

6/20/14 — CCSF deal gets feds’ approval

6/18/14 — CCSF gets another boost in bid to stave off closure

6/16/14 — Intervention Programs Having Positive Impact on AAPI Educational Achievement

6/16/14 — Revocation of CCSF’s Accreditation to Be Reconsidered

6/13/14 — CCSF sanctions stand, but new review urged, panel says

6/12/14 — Huge CCSF win: College won’t close, deadline extension expected

6/12/14 — Reprieve for CCSF

6/11/14 — Community college leaders voicing support for CCSF

6/11/14 — City College’s accreditors bow to pressure, amend rules to save CCSF

6/6/14 — Glimmer of hope for CCSF deadline extension

6/4/14 — Education leaders tell accrediting commission that CCSF is 95% fixed

6/4/14 — CCSF absent from agenda for accrediting commission meeting

5/30/14 — Limbo for CCSF and Its Accreditor

5/30/14 — CCSF students injured in protest take legal action against school, police

5/29/14 — Differences will make you, Black tells grads

5/29/14 — CA Legislature requests more time for City College

5/28/14 — Accreditation panel tells Pelosi deadline for CCSF is firm

5/27/14 — CCSF Students File Claim After Campus Protest Turned Violent

5/23/14 — Political pressure builds against accrediting commission in CCSF saga

5/21/14 — CCSF sees record high number of graduates for 2013-14

5/21/14 — CCSF support gains momentum, but accreditation deadline remains unclear

5/20/14 — Pelosi urges new review of troubled San Francisco city college

5/20/14 — CCSF accrediting group can extend deadline, feds tell Pelosi

5/16/14 — Accreditors firm on deadline for closing City College of S.F.

5/15/14 — Designers in Only Student-Produced NorCal Fashion Show Compete for Scholarships

5/15/14 — CCSF supporters press for extension to fix problems

5/13/14 — City College of S.F. could get more time to shape up

4/25/14 — Low speaking turnout at first CCSF public board meeting this year

4/24/14 — CCSF special trustee to hold first public board meeting

4/23/14 — CCSF beats accreditors on academic playing field

4/21/14 — City College of SF may lose Filipino courses

4/18/14 — Report: CCSF excels in key student performance areas

4/17/14 — City College special trustee restores public comments, meetings

4/16/14 — SFExaminer: CCSF legal battle heats up

4/15/14 — Students get a jump on college with FRISCO Day

4/15/14 — S.F. City College accreditation panelists urge different tack

4/15/14 — Accreditors ask City College to voluntarily terminate its own accreditation

4/12/14 — ‘Candidacy’ could give S.F. City College a fresh start

4/4/14 — Trial date set for CCSF accreditation lawsuit

4/3/14 — CCSF students exploring legal options in wake of violent protest

3/31/14 — Court dismisses lawsuit over CCSF accreditation loss

3/28/14 — Trial on City College of S.F.’s fate to begin in October

3/26/14 — Give City College more time to meet accreditation requirements

3/25/14 — Supervisors call for restoration of CCSF board of trustees

3/20/14 — Students hold peaceful rally outside CCSF

3/20/14 — CCSF Chancellor Wants Independent Review Of Clash Between Protesters, Police

3/20/14 — CCSF plans independent review, task force on ‘campus climate’ after violent protest

3/20/14 — No charges filed against City College student protesters

3/18/14 — CCSF assesses fallout from protest that resulted in arrests

3/17/14 — CCSF Protest Turns Violent As Police Use Pepper Spray, Batons

3/14/14 — Protesters gone from CCSF building after sit-in

3/14/14 — CCSF protestors make voices heard at City Hall

3/14/14 — Rally at City College of San Francisco Turns Violent; Students Released From Jail

3/14/14 — Two detained City College student protesters released amidst troubling allegations

3/9/14 — CCSF accreditor appeals judge’s ruling to suspend accreditation loss

2/22/14 — Students tell how City College of S.F. has given them hope

2/21/14 — Commission that stripped CCSF accreditation could lose some power

2/11/14 — Multimillion-dollar CCSF bailout proposed by Sen. Mark Leno

2/10/14 — SF leaders introduce legislation to help fund CCSF

2/7/14 — Commission denies review of CCSF accreditation decision

2/7/14 — 3 new CCSF administrators earn more than approved pay rate

2/3/14 — City College’s ad blitz seeks to curtail exodus of students

1/31/14 — Despite accreditation woes, CCSF gets high marks from public

1/31/14 — CCSF students angered by class cancellations

1/28/14 — Controversy still brewing over CCSF administrative pay raises

1/24/14 — Troubled CCSF backs off big administrator raises

1/22/14 — CCSF enrollment drop is less than expected

1/17/14 — CCSF Chancellor Sees Path Forward Through Commission, Not Courts

1/14/14 — CCSF to hold public forums on educational master plan

1/13/14 — Exhibition a show of support for City College

1/10/14 — KQED Interviews Special Trustee Robert Agrella

1/10/14 — CCSF’s Fight to Retain Accreditation

1/9/14 — Despite enrollment drop, CCSF hopes court ruling and marketing stop the bleeding

1/7/14 — Pelosi Joins Fight to Save CCSF as Enrollment Continues to Drop

1/7/14 — Resisting revocation

1/6/14 — Pelosi Praises Ruling Putting CCSF Disaccreditation on Hold

1/6/14 — In Show of Support, Nancy Pelosi Visits City College of San Francisco

1/6/14 — Pelosi steps into SF City College dispute

1/6/14 — Rep. Nancy Pelosi addresses CCSF situation at Chinatown-North Beach campus

1/3/14 — New Life for CCSF

1/3/14 — Judge blocks stripping of CCSF accreditation

1/3/14 — CCSF to keep accreditation until City Attorney’s Office case is decided

1/3/14 – Judge, City Attorney Give City College A Break

1/2/14 — City College wins reprieve, as court enjoins ACCJC from terminating accreditation

1/2/14 — CCSF Accreditation Can’t Be Revoked . . . For Now

1/2/14 — Judge blocks commission from revoking CCSF accreditation

12/31/13 — CCSF: Accrediting Commission Scores Poorly With U.S. Dept. of Education

12/30/13 — Judge to rule on CCSF accreditation this week

12/30/13 — Judge to rule by Friday on motions in CCSF accreditation fight

12/30/13 — CCSF launches controversial ad campaign

12/29/13 — Certification panel wants CCSF faculty suit tossed

12/27/13 — Lawyers for faculty, panel argue over CCSF’s accreditation

12/27/13 — CCSF students, teachers pack court hearing over accreditation

12/24/13 — CCSF: City Attorney Dennis Herrera to Spar with State Accrediting Commission Thursday

12/15/13 — Update on SF City College’s Guardian Scholars Program

12/13/13 — Accreditation Agita

12/11/13 — Guiding a troubled institution: CCSF’s Special Trustee Robert Agrella

12/4/13 — CCSF faces huge drop in enrollment

12/4/13 — CCSF enrollment takes a big hit as accreditation battle continues

12/3/13 — Department of Education asks CCSF accrediting commission to make fixes to keep recognition

11/26/13 — SF, union file legal challenges to block removal of CCSF accreditation

11/26/13 — Why I’m resigning from the City College board

11/26/13 — City and teachers seek injunction against City College closure

11/25/13 — S.F. city attorney seeks injunction to block accrediting panel

11/25/13 — SF seeks injunction to stop CCSF closure

11/25/13 — San Francisco City Attorney, Teachers Look To Keep City College Accredited

11/12/13 — City College leaders see progress on accreditation

11/12/13 — City College special trustee rescinds resolution after contact with Wells Fargo

11/12/13 — Schooled

11/11/13 — One Man’s Mission to Save City College of San Francisco

11/7/13 — Another lawsuit being filed against accrediting commission in CCSF case

11/7/13 — CCSF announces closure report

11/6/13 — Legal victory and congressional forum fuel fight to save City College

11/1/13 — City College Halloween Rally Asks Mayor for Support

10/31/13 — CCSF teachers’ contract negotiations difficult amid accreditation fight

10/31/13 — Zombies to attack City Hall!

10/28/13 — Removal of banking resolution questioned by CCSF trustees

10/25/13 — CCSF seeks millions in unpaid registration fees

10/24/13 — The Mess in SF

10/24/13 — Saving City College: Stakes high in faculty contract negotiations 

10/23/13 — In charge . . . sort of

10/21/13 — If CCSF closed, 21 colleges would take students

10/17/13 — Student debt becomes new threat to City College of San Francisco enrollment

10/16/13 — New CCSF Chancellor Has Overseen Other Schools With Accreditation Troubles

10/15/13 — CCSF’s new chancellor is an antiterrorism expert

10/11/13 — CCSF sues accreditation agency

10/3/13 — CCSF chancellor candidates ready to meet the school and public

9/24/13 — Accreditation panel sued as San Francisco college faces closure

9/24/13 — sfbg,com: Fight to save City College grows teeth and bites back

9/24/13 — Teachers’ unions file suit seeking to stop loss of CCSF accreditation

9/23/13 — Teachers’ Unions File Lawsuit to Stop CCSF Closure

9/23/13 — Teachers’ Unions to File Lawsuit to Stop CCSF Closure

9/22/13 — CCSF’s critical role in local economy highlighted in report

9/20/13 — City College of San Francisco Worth an Estimated $311 Million to Local Economy

9/19/13 — San Francisco Measures Value of CCSF

9/19/13 — CCSF closure would bruise San Francisco’s economy

9/18/13 — CCSF’s value to Bay Area outlined in report

9/15/13 — Cry for help unheeded at CCSF

9/6/13 — CCSF head ends plan for $95 million concert hall

9/5/13 — City College may have another chance to save itself

9/5/13 — SF City College Finds Another Way to Avoid Closure

9/5/13 – Education Interrupted

9/1/13 — Accrediting commission must open CCSF records

8/29/13 — Accreditation worries hit City College enrollment

8/29/13 — CCSF transfer influx after accreditation failure

8/28/13 — Xpress staff weighs in on the CCSF accreditation crisis

8/22/13 — SF As CCSF appeals death sentence, City Hall protesters are arrested

8/22/13 — San Francisco files suit to keep CCSF open

8/22/13 — City Attorney Dennis Herrera sues to block closure of City College

8/22/13 — Dennis Herrera Sues Accrediting Commission to Stop City College Closure

8/22/13 — Dennis Herrera playing with fire in CCSF lawsuit

8/22/13 — City College seeks review of accreditation decision

8/21/13 — Lawmakers ok probe of accrediting panel over CCSF

8/21/13 — Sheriff: 26 CCSF protesters arrested outside mayor’s office

8/21/13 — CCSF Shies Away From Criticism of Accreditation Panel

8/21/13 — State to audit agency over revocation of CCSF’s accreditation

8/21/13 — Protesters Arrested at San Francisco City Hall Following CCSF Sit-In

8/21/13 — City College of San Francisco Students Arrested in City Hall Protest

8/21/13 — San Francisco: 20-30 Arrests Made at City Hall

8/20/13 — SF City College Students Occupy City Hall, Seek Mayor’s Help

8/20/13 — CCSF asks commission to reverse decision

8/20/13 — Protect local power and control

8/19/13 — U.S. faults accreditation panel in City College of San Francisco ruling

8/18/13 — If CCSF does close, what becomes of its buildings and debt?

8/18/13 — CCSF’s loss of accreditation must be reassessed

8/16/13 — City College of San Francisco: Saviors, Standards, and a Ticking Clock

8/15/13 — SFExaminer: Accreditation commission says it complies with federal policy

8/15/13 — Unions demand that CCSF sanctions be lifted

8/15/13 — Rampant Misinformation Surrounds City College Struggle

8/15/13 — CCSF Request to ACCJC Must Be Clear and Powerful

8/14/13 — Feds cite faults with CCSF accreditation panel

8/14/13 — InsideHigherEd: Game Changer for CCSF?

8/14/13 — CCSF Teachers Celebrate Department of Educations Drubbing Of Accrediting Commission

8/14/13 — SFExaminer: CCSF’s critics get a dose of their own medicine

8/14/13 — City College Opens for Fall While Fighting Threat of Accreditation Loss

8/14/13 — Feds Say Community College Accreditation Commission is Out of LIne

8/14/13 — Commission Scrutinizing CCSF Itself Being Investigated

8/13/13 — CCSF holding annual convocation for faculty, staff

8/13/13 — Tables turned: Department of Education finds City College’s accreditors out of compliance

8/13/13 — CCSF accrediting team faces its own possible demise

8/12/13 — Alumni, Veterans Struggle to Preserve City College of San Francisco

8/11/13 — School’s uncertain future creates challenges for CCSF athletic programs

8/8/13 — Chinese for Affirmative Action advocates for CCSF

8/8/13 — A ‘Bridge’ to Careers in Science for Minorities, Low-Income in Jeopardy

8/8/13 — CCSF: News of its Death is Greatly Exaggerated

8/6/13 — So far, impact of CCSF troubles is minimal here

8/5/13 — An idea for City College — merge with SF State

8/4/13 — Is sun finally rising at battered CCSF?

8/2/13 — Fewer feet are dragging at CCSF

7/30/13 — Even if CCSF survives, dropping enrollments could transform it

7/28/13 — CCSF closure would mean loss of vital programs for underserved, vulnerable communities

7/26/13 — Elected officials vow to work on effort to save CCSF from closure

7/25/13 — City College of San Francisco Enrollment Plunges After Threatened Accreditation Loss

7/25/13 — New head of CCSF thinks he can save embattled college

7/24/13 — Special trustee vows to save CCSF

7/23/13 — There is a way forward for City College

7/23/13 — Why democracy matters

7/19/13 — Advocates question legitimacy of accreditation commission

7/19/13 — CCSF trustees aren’t optimistic about their replacement’s chance to save school

7/18/13 — Is Higher Ed the Next Target of Corporate ‘Reformers’?

7/16/13 — Political Heavyweights Push Effort To Regain Accreditation At City College Of San Francisco

7/15/13 — County colleges weigh impact of looming CCSF closure

7/15/13 — KCBS In Depth: Crisis At City College Of San Francisco

7/13/13 — City College of San Francisco to lose accreditation

7/12/13 — City College of San Francisco redoubles efforts to fight closure

7/12/13 — Nine Lives: City College May Still Survive

7/11/13 — City College of San Francisco has a year to prove it can govern itself

7/11/13 — Filipinos join protest against closure of popular community college


7/11/13 — College monitors gone wild

7/10/13 — City College supporters protest state takeover and the agenda behind it

7/10/13 — Did You See All Those Students Marching for City College? (Photos)

7/10/13 — Thousands Of CCSF Students, Faculty And Supporters March & Rally Against Attack on College

7/10/13 — Crisis Threatens Survival of City College

7/10/13 — Former SRJC president Robert Agrella tapped to save City College of San Francisco

7/9/13 — City College of San Francisco special trustee given broader powers in bid to keep accreditation

7/9/13 — CCSF supporters rally against accreditation termination

7/9/13 — City College Of San Francisco Students, Supporters Plan Protest Over Loss Of Accredidation

7/9/13 — Who killed City College

7/9/13 — Special Trustee Gets New Power in College’s Fight to Retain Accreditation

7/9/13 — City College of S.F. trustees lose power

7/9/13 — It’s time to get serious about saving CCSF

7/9/13 — CCSF special trustee was mentor for school during failed accreditation try

7/9/13 — Developments in San Francisco Crisis

7/9/13 — City College of San Francisco Fights to Keep Accreditation

7/9/13 — Agrella gets new powers to rescue CCSF accreditation

7/9/13 — Opponents of City College takeover to march through SF

7/9/13 — Group Rallies To Keep SF City College Open Amid Closure Threat

7/9/13 — Watch Protesters March for City College of San Francisco

7/8/13 — City College of San Francisco gets special trustee over accreditation

7/8/13 — Appeal or Bust

7/8/13 — Students And Faculty Marching On Feds In Protest Of Plan To Pull SF City College Accreditation

7/8/13 — CALIFORNIA ACCREDITATION AGENCY GOES “All In” ACCJC threatens to terminate CCSF

7/7/13 — Stunned by Accreditor, City College of San Francisco Suddenly Faces Hard Choices

7/7/13 — CCSF

7/6/13 — Pinoys worry over fate of City College of San Francisco

7/5/13 — CCSF supporters rally against accreditation termination

7/5/13 — CCSF to seek review of accreditation denial

7/3/13 — City College of SF Stripped of Its Accreditation

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco Is Told It Will Lose Accreditation in 2014

7/3/13 — Mammoth 2-Year College to Lose Accreditation

7/3/13 — Panel moves to revoke City College of San Francisco’s accreditation

7/3/13 — City College of SF to lose accreditation in 2014

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco to Lose Accreditation in 2014

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco to lose accreditation; faces closure in 2014

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco to Lose Accreditation Next Year

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco will lose accreditation in 2014

7/3/13 — Commission Votes to Terminate CCSF Accreditation

7/3/13 — City College to lose accreditation, could close next summer

7/3/13 — City College of San Francisco to Lose Accreditation

7/3/13 — CCSF loses accreditation

7/3/13 — CCSF finances still need work, report says

7/2/13 — Announcement imminent on fate of City College of San Francisco

6/30/13 — New look at troubled City College of SF blasts money management

6/27/13 — CCSF drops crisis spokesman days before verdict

6/17/13 — A reporter’s perspective on City College, from the Chronicle’s Nanette Asimov

6/17/13 — What’s next for City College of San Francisco?

Summer 2013 — Corporate Reform “Jumps the Fence”: Crisis at City College of San Francisco

6/9/13 — SFBayGuardian: City College overseers bar most speakers from meeting

6/7/13 — College accreditors bar many from meeting

6/6/13 — City College of SF’s fate decided Thursday — but secret for now

6/6/13 — Commission to vote today on accreditation of CCSF

6/4/13 — Hearing on CCSF future on tap

6/4/13 — Complaint about CCSF accreditation found to be ‘without merit’

6/3/13 — A day with City College of San Francisco

5/30/13 — Accrediting commission denies violations over City College of San Francisco

5/26/13 — Teachers and Parents Want to “Close the Gap” at CCSF

5/22/13 — City College of San Francisco receives final accreditation report

5/22/13 — New community college classes could cost pupils

5/22/13 — The Long Road Home

5/12/13 — CCSF campuses make money, recent data show

5/7/13 — Opinion: Behind the attacks on City College

5/1/13 — CCSF faculty unions (sic) files complaint

5/1/13 — CCSF Teachers Accuse Accrediting Commission of Intimidation

5/1/13 — College Accreditation: Reviewing the CCSF Experience

5/1/13 — Faculty vs. Accreditor

4/28/13 — CCSF department chair contract finalized, expected to save $1.6 million

4/27/13 — CCSF, 1 union strike deal

4/17//13 — Public Education Fights for Its Life

4/17/13 — San Francisco supervisors urge City College to use funds for classes

4/14/13 — CCSF department chairs take pay cut to keep jobs

4/1/13 — What if CCSF loses its accreditation?

3/24/13 — City College search for new chancellor OKd

3/24/13 — CCSF doubles its summer school classes

3/18/13 — CCSF resumes efforts to find permanent chancellor

3/15/13 — At deadline, City College hopes for reprieve

3/15/13 — On Academic Democracy

3/15/13 — City College of S.F. strives to retain accreditation

3/15/13 — City College of San Francisco stands to lose accreditation

3/15/13 — City College of San Francisco Fights for Its Future

3/15/13 — City College submits report to try to keep accreditation

3/15/13 — CCSF activists demand City Hall’s aid as deadline arrives

3/14/13 — SFExaminer: CCSF demonstrators ask city for aid as fate hangs in the balance

3/14/13 — SFExaminer: CCSF looking for a perfect finish in state championship

3/14/13 — CCSF students, teachers really to save school

3/14/13 — CCSF Students Want Help From City Hall To Fight Cuts

3/14/13 — International Students Risk Losing Visa If City College Closes

3/14/13 — KALW community special: What’s next for CCSF?

3/13/13 — CCSF needs to put students first

3/13/13 — How CCSF can keep its accreditation

3/13/13 — CCSF needs to instill transparency

3/13/13 — Commission to decide fate of CCSF in June

3/12/13 — San Francisco Community College Fights for Its Life

3/12/13 — We won’t surrender CCSF

3/11/13 — City College of SF Nears Deadline for Plan

3/7/13 — Embattled City College nearing its judgment day

3/7/13 — City College plans to stay open

3/7/13 — CCSF men’s basketball expecting toughest test yet against Santa Rosa


3/5/14 — Hidden gem offers nice meal for under $10

3/5/13 — CCSF regulators – sensible or ‘gone wild’?

3/4/12 — SFBay.CA: CCSF Approves Report to Salvage Accreditation

3/1/13 — CCSF board approves report to accreditors amid heavy criticism

3/1/13 — Unbeaten CCSF hits state playoffs

2/28/13 — Assembly Looks To Stabilize Funding For Struggling CCSF

2/28/13 — CCSF cuts protested as deadline nears

2/28/13 — Young Wright brother taking flight for CCSF

2/25/13 — CCSF Students Upset Over Cuts As School Tries To Stay Accredited

2/25/13 — Students talk to interim Chancellor about CCSF’s future

2/25/13 — Unbeaten CCSF mens’ basketball earns top seed in tourney

2/25/13 — CCSF Students, Faculty, and Supporters Demand a Voice

2/22/13 — Students Sit-In At CCSF Ends With Promise To Meet With Chancellor

2/21/13 — CCSF Students Rally For More Say in Accreditation Battle

2/21/13 — Rally At CCSF Ends With Conlan Hall Sit-In

2/21/13 — Students occupy building at City College of San Francisco

2/20/13 — CCSF chasing unbeaten year, state supremacy

2/17/13 — CCSF – looking for a villain

2/7/13 — CCSF officials say progress on accreditation deadline is coming, but slowly

2/7/13 — Staff, Faculty, and Students Join With Community to “Save City College”

2/6/13 — ‘Faculty Primacy’ at the Expense of Student Success

2/5/13 — S. F. City College turnaround plan contested

2/5/13 — CCSF accreditation puts students on edge

1/25/13 — City College needs forceful action

1/25/13 — Update: City College of San Francisco

1/25/13 — Saving City College of San Francisco: Faculty initiate campus and community coalition

1/24/13 — CCSF is not too big to fail, state official warns

1/24/13 — Students Should Always Come First at City College of San Francisco

1/22/13 — City College and its ‘Trombone’ Debate

1/21/13 — CCCSF outlines what would happen if were to close

1/21/13 — CCSF would still help students if closed

1/18/13 — Hundley on CCSF grid coaching staff

1/14/13 — SF Bay Guardian: Discord at City College as accreditation cliff nears

1/11/13 — CCSF Faculty and Students Rally Against Proposed Changes, Cuts

1/11/13 — ABC-Channel 7: CCSF students, teachers protest over budget

1/11/13 — SF Bay Guardian: Much weirdness at the City College Board

1/11/13 — The fight to save CCSF

1/10/13 — State officials tells CCSF to get moving

1/10/13 — SF Bay Guardian: CCSF teachers recruit students from BART/Muni stations

1/10/13 — CCSF Trustees must act to fix problems

1/9/13 — CCSF officials to ask for extended deadline to meet accreditation requirements

1/9/13 — CCSF to miss key deadline, overseer says

1/7/13 — New CCSF board member ready to tackle challenges


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