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Educational Master Plan — We need your input!

The mood at City College of San Francisco continues to evolve, but more and more I hear people around the college saying they believe we are going to recover from the threat of losing our accreditation and continue to serve our community for years to come.

It’s not surprising. We’ve worked hard as individuals and as a college community to meet the accreditation standards. The progress is substantial as you can see for yourself at CCSF Forward. We may have dragged our feet over some issues, but overall we’ve come to grips with the importance of meeting or exceeding the standards and gotten it done.

The big question now is what kind of college we will be at the other end of this crisis. When you add up the changes we’ve made for accreditation, a new administration, rule changes coming from the state legislature, enrollment declines that have effected most California community colleges, and the continuing pressures of demographic changes in and around San Francisco, you’ve got a recipe for a drastically different college in the next five years.

That’s part of why the college’s new Educational Master Plan (EMP) is so important. The EMP is a “long range plan that sets a unified direction for CCSF’s future over the next five years.” The process of creating the EMP has already begun, but you can still be a part of the conversation (see calendar). The voice of the community we serve is the most important part of this plan. It would be great to see you there.


Day On 3 — November 27

WE ARE CCSF welcomes everyone who wants to REPAIR REBUILD RESTORE our college by focusing on positive solutions.

Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

begins at 9 AM

Meet in front of the bookstore.

We are coming together to take concrete steps to address $1 billion in deferred maintenance at CCSF. Please join WE ARE CCSF, student athletes, and the Mayor’s Office as we roll up our sleeves and get to work:

  • Recycling & Composting
  • Litter Cleanup
  • Landscaping & Planting
  • Weed Pulling
  • Window Washing
  • Pruning & Raking

We are CCSF

Day On II at CCSF — Another Success

Saturday’s “Day On” at CCSF saw another 60 WeAreCCSF volunteers working to make sure City College stays open and in San Francisco for years to come. Together the alliance (Community, Classified, Students and Faculty) washed windows, pulled weeds, and picked up trash and recycling.

And it was great to be joined by CCSF administrators: new Chancellor Arthur Tyler; new Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Susan Lamb; and newly appointed Dean of Student Affairs Samuel Santos. All three put their gloves on and worked with the rest of us.

The event saw expanded news coverage, including ABC 7, KRON 4, KTVU 2, KTSF 26, KPFA, The Guardsman (CCSF’s student paper) and Sing Tao Daily. Here’s a video of the KPFA piece:

Click here for more coverage.

Join WeAreCCSF for the next event — November 27, 10 AM – 1 PM — as we repair, rebuild, and restore City College.

Help Repair, Rebuild, and Restore CCSF


NOV. 2 10AM – 1PM



Join WE ARE CCSF (Community.Classified.Students.Faculty) and follow up the success of the first Day On.
Help repair, rebuild, and restore your college.



Work. Have fun. Join the WeAreCCSF community.


Check out the WeAreCCSF page:

Follow them on Twitter: @WeAreCCSF



Day On at CCSF

On a day when classes were cancelled and the campus was mostly deserted, more than 60 people arrived at City College of San Francisco’s Ocean campus at 10 AM on Friday. The event, organized by WeAreCCSF (Community, Classified, Students, Faculty), was the first of several to begin rebuilding the college for our community. Together, we picked up trash, pulled weeds, and inventoried the college’s computer equipment. It was one of my proudest days in more than ten years at the college.

2013-10-11 11.43.01

Community members, students, and college employees (both classified staff and faculty) worked side by side. Our goal was to put a small dent in the more than $1 billion deferred maintenance bill at the college, filling in temporarily until more workers can be hired for these jobs.

By the end of the day, the head of the college’s buildings and grounds thanked us, saying we’d done “at least a month of work.” The trash blowing around a windy campus is a perpetual problem, but college workers felt supported and appreciated and could look at what had been eyesore areas with renewed pride.

The aging computers at the college have to be inventoried before they can be replaced, so the computer inventory — now 85% complete — will benefit everyone at the college. The inventory can be finished quickly now that the amount of work is more manageable.

The mood was celebratory and positive. We laughed and joked while we worked. Students led chants as we moved from one job site to another. And at the end, we gathered in the cafeteria to eat and talk a little about the next day of working together.

Friday’s “Day On” was a small step toward repairing the broken parts of the college, rebuilding a positive culture , and restoring the community’s trust. I look forward to more days like it and to seeing more folks at the next one.

2013-10-11 12.06.36

SMAC/Coleman Demands for Sustaining City College

Students Making a Change and Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth come out with a clear vision for how to fix City College and for how the college should look as it works to emerge from the current crisis:

City College of San Francisco is facing an uncertain future, and the lives of marginalized students are most at stake.  Students Making A Change (SMAC) and Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth are calling on the administration, Board of Trustees, faculty and classified staff to stand with students and support our demands for increasing accountability, transparency, equity, local control, and student voice/representation, as well as SMAC’s specific policy, fiscal, and structural reform recommendations.

Click here to go to the Coleman e-alert and a link to more details.

Is CCSF Going to Close? — SMAC and Coleman Break it Down

Figuring out what’s really going on at City College its accreditation can be hard, but CCSF students in Students Making a Change (SMAC), along with Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth break it down in a clear, four-scenario explanation. The bottom line:

“No matter what, there are going to be changes—some budget cuts are going to happen, which will hurt, but the first priority is to make sure that City College stays open for students to get their education!”

See all the details at:

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