• The illustrious Sue Homer was born and raised in San Francisco. Since 1994, she has taught political science at City College, where she is well-known for supporting students and generally kicking butt.
  • Hal Huntsman is a full-time, tenured faculty member in CCSF’s Mathematics department. Hal has been active in the CCSF participatory governance system since he started working at City College in March, 2002. He was CCSF Academic Senate President from May 2008 through May 2010. Currently, Hal teaches a lot and live tweets from most CCSF Board of Trustees meetings.
  • Edissa Nicolas was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City.  Edissa graduated from Brown University with a degree in Education after transferring from City College of San Francisco. Her passion for teaching, writing and languages has taken her to South Korea and Germany as an English as a Foreign Language instructor. Since the summer 2007, Edissa has taught both Basic Skills and General English courses at both Berkeley City College and City College of San Francisco.

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