Accreditation Visiting Team at CCSF

The public dialog about the accreditation crisis at CCSF is all black and white. For some people, CCSF is and always has been a paragon of student learning and is being persecuted by a corrupt commission. For others, CCSF is a deeply flawed and needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

What’s lost in these narratives is the truth, which is of course somewhere between the extremes. We have successful courses and programs, with great students, hard-working teachers, smart administrators, and conscientious support staff. We are also behind the times in many areas and have a culture that too often resists innovation and protects the status quo at almost any cost.

From where I sit, the crisis has brought many positive changes and some that I wouldn’t have chosen. We are in the middle of recreating the institutional culture and the jury is still out about what kind of a college we will be on the other end.

All this is in the report we prepared for the visiting team. Now that they are here, they will hopefully see that we wrote an honest report, revealing the complex reality of our successes, our failures, and our potential.

We’ll find out the official results in January.


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