Reflections for a new school year

With three days till the fall semester begins:

– I’m excited for the classes to begin. I have a good schedule with classes I enjoy teaching and a full complement of students.

– Despite a dramatic and crisis-filled summer at the college, I managed to carve out a good break from teaching. I had a little time with family and friends, and I also spent significant time breaking out the concrete in my backyard and building terraces for a new garden. It was incredibly satisfying work with results I wake up to every day.

– My nephew made a video about the number “6”:

Warms the heart of a math teacher uncle.

– I’m more and more encouraged by the number of my colleagues and students who contact me about what they can do to keep the college open.

– It’s hard for folks who don’t want to yell and protest to be heard amongst all the noise being made at and around the college. It’s the problem of being reasonable. Reasonable people don’t antagonize the people that make the decision about whether the college retains accreditation or not. Reasonable people note that everyone at the college has responsibility for how we got here and also for how we recover. Reasonable people articulate nuanced positions that don’t point fingers and suggest ways to improve the college. Reasonable people talk respectfully and usually at conversational levels.

– City College has a year to show it deserves to be accredited. I’m hopeful. Everyone, including the accrediting commission and the people who protest against them, wants City College to stay open and serve our community. All we have to do is give the commission a reason to keep us accredited.


2 responses to “Reflections for a new school year

  • Tracy Burt

    Well said. I love the part about reasonable people. 🙂 Thanks.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    Just saw the updated SaveCCSF website. There is to be a Student rally at Civic Center on Aug 20th, at 4pm. Purpose of which is to “to pressure Mayor Ed Lee to demand the immediate reversal of the ACCJC’s unjust decision, which is currently under appeal. If the Mayor actually supports CCSF and its students, he needs to join with us to take action against the ACCJC — an illegitimate, out of control body — and its imposition of cuts and privatization.”

    I guess everyone is still not working together on the accreditation efforts at CCSF. Seems to be a rear-guard action intent on disrupting and hurting CCSF to fit the protesters’ ideological purposes.

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