A small step forward

An update and a clarification on my July 4 post:

Update: Yesterday’s march on the Department of Education notwithstanding, I’m happy to say that many of my faculty colleagues are beginning to recognize that continued protest against and criticizing of our accrediting commission (ACCJC) will likely have disastrous consequences. Much of the internal CCSF email dialog in the last couple days advocates for saving the college rather than protesting.

The commission’s decision for CCSF is not what we worked and hoped for — and many at the college and elsewhere have serious questions about their process — but a building majority is realizing that keeping the college open for our community is more important than any process concerns. It’s a small and important step forward.

Clarification: I do not think we should always do everything our authorities tell us to do. I support reasoned, thoughtful, and effective speech and action and I believe we have a responsibility to hold our leaders accountable. Sometimes that means disobeying laws and directives and there is always room for professional, respectful input and dialog about important decisions affecting our communities, our students, and ourselves.

But the City College community has had our say. Since the initial “Show Cause” ruling a year ago, we have worked, talked, met, requested information, testified, questioned decisions, chanted, marched, protested, and more. And while we accomplished a lot, it wasn’t enough. The college is still on “Show Cause” and we will close on July 31, 2014 unless the commission gives us another chance.

So while we still have an obligation to give input when we can, when decisions are made, as they will be by Special Trustee Agrella and our Chancellor, we need to listen and act. The stakes for our students are too high to do anything else.


One response to “A small step forward

  • OrdinaryJoe

    I am of the understanding that the CCSF groups CFT and SaveCCSF.org are still fighting the Accreditation Board and are not cooperating with the Trustee Agrella on moving forward to work on the remaining requirements for CCSF accreditation. Is this still true? If it is, why enroll in CCSF if no one is working together ?

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