Highlights from April Board Meeting

Despite rumors of civil disobedience and a pre-meeting teach-in/rally by AFT 2121, once Thursday’s CCSF Board of Trustees meeting got started it was relatively calm and smooth. Among the highlights:

  • The Board appointed a new permanent Vice Chancellor of Student Development — Dr. Fabienne McPhail Naples, who comes to CCSF with a long history of advocacy for students and administrative experience. Welcome Dr. McPhail Naples!
  • Accreditation activities continue at the college as we continue to try to show the ACCJC that we deserve to remain accredited in the time running up to the commission’s meeting in June. The general feeling around campus is now upbeat — we feel like our chances are good of at least raising the level of sanction, though not completely clearing all sanctions.
  • The search for a permanent chancellor — hopefully to start work in October or November — has begun.
  • A short discussion of the CCSF data from the Accountability Report for Community Colleges revealed that City College has significant achievement gaps for African American, Latino/a, Pacific Islander, and Filipino/a students. Trustees and the chancellor spoke to the importance of closing these gaps and AFT President Alisa Messer acknowledged the systemic inequities and the faculty’s responsibility to address them. The first steps toward improving the problem is acknowledging its existence and taking responsibility for it, so this was a good beginning conversation for the college.

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