ARCC 2.0: A new scorecard for CA community colleges to be released

Since 2007, the California Community College Chancellor’s office has been putting out the Accountability Report for Community Colleges (ARCC) in response to Assembly Bill 1417 (2004), which asked the Chancellor’s office “to design and implement a performance measurement system that contained performance indicators for the system and its colleges.” ARCC is a convenient, one-stop way to measure how well all of California’s 112 community colleges are doing.

The new version of ARCC is, in my view, a significant improvement over the original, because it includes outcome  and persistence measures that give students, educators, and the general public a truer sense of a college’s performance. Among the metrics — all of which can be broken out by gender, ethnicity, and other demographic information — will be:

  • Student Progress and Attainment Rate
  • Persistence Rate
  • At Least 30 Unit Rate
  • Basis Skills Progress Rate
  • Career Technical Education Progress and Attainment Rate
  • Career Development and College Preparation Rate

(Click here to download the definitions of these rates and other details.)

This new report will be an important measure of every college’s work and, at CCSF, we look forward to its release. The report should be available here on Monday or Tuesday (4/8 or 4/9).


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