Let’s Show Cause Now!: An Open Letter to the City College of San Francisco Community

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

It’s time for us to stop playing games with our students’ futures. We must take consistent, appropriate and immediate action to meet the ACCJC criteria to retain our accreditation. Instead of organizing to protest perceived unfairness, we should all be working furiously to “Show Cause” and keep CCSF open.

Personally, when I am given a challenge, I rise to the occasion. Each and every one of us has an obligation to do what needs to be done for the good of our students and our beloved college. Ultimately that means we must keep CCSF open in this district. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

To my numerous colleagues complaining about the salary cuts, I say this:

Why weren’t you up in arms when Classified Staff got 12 furlough days last year? Are we more important than they? I think we all know the answer. Classified Staff serve our institution with dignity and provide invaluable services. We owe it to our colleagues to share the burden of sacrifice with them.

I think it’s really important that we start thinking about what changes need to happen to keep our college fiscally sound for future generations, not only preserving our salaries, today. I know that money is important. And, I also know that when my bills increase, and life happens (I lost a class last spring owing to low-enrollment), I have to make adjustments, or lose the things which I value.

At this point, CCSF is priceless to our students and community. We have to respond in a realistic and adaptive manner to the requirements of the accrediting body. We cannot afford to shut the doors of my beloved Alma Mater. We cannot afford to let generations of San Francisco youth go without college access. We cannot afford to get taken over by another district. We cannot drag our feet and play the recalcitrant rebels.

In case anyone is unclear about my position on the situation, I want to state it here. I find the trend in the United States to continually cut education spending while simultaneously and heavily investing in the Prison Industrial Complex absolutely despicable. However, until this unbearable situation is reversed, we must join every other public education institution in our nation in adjusting to the enormous fiscal deficits, while somehow not losing the belief in the fundamental value of education and our ability to contribute as educators. Sadly, the biggest victims are our students.

We do not have the luxury of resisting the changes that have swept our nation and public education in general. We must and can make the necessary changes for the benefit of our students. We can and must preserve CCSF for future generations.

Please, sit down and read the Closure Report. If you love CCSF, as I do, it will break your heart. After you’re done, take action to make sure we don’t have to implement the closing procedures. Once we have done everything in our power to keep our college open, in San Francisco, with full accreditation, I’m happy to join in the fight against the decline in education spending. Now, however, is not the time for that. We have to do what must be done to Show Cause FOR OUR STUDENTS.

Our students make sacrifices everyday. We can make some adjustments to get through these tough times, while working and striving for a better future.

Ask yourself what you’re doing to ensure that we Show Cause and remain open for our students.


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