Chancellor Brice Harris to Visit CCSF Thursday

When former state community college Chancellor Jack Scott came to CCSF last fall, he told the college to get moving. When current Executive Vice Chancellor Erik Skinner visited the college two weeks ago, he told us to “put the students first”; we must resolve our labor and structural issues to save the college — any other agenda can wait.

So why is new state Chancellor Brice Harris coming to CCSF on Thursday? Does the second visit from the state Chancellor’s office in two weeks mean he doesn’t think we’re getting the message? What could he say to our Board of Trustees that hasn’t been said already? It’s hard to see it as anything other than another warning to get to work — or something more drastic.



I am ready to move on. The college has been in crisis mode since last July, when we first got word of that the accrediting commission had put us on “Show Cause” for why we should be accredited. I’m tired of worrying about the fate of the college. Plus, the spring semester has started and I’m too busy with teaching and working with my students to spend more time debating the merits of the changes we have been told we have to make. I’ll be going to hear what Chancellor Harris has to say, but I’m ready to just do my job and let the chips fall where they must.

Don’t get me wrong — I care very much about the way the college is structured and the way our students get served. I want to close achievement gaps and help educate as many students as possible, using the best pedagogy, curriculum, and equipment. I am passionate about being the best college we can be and will spend many more hours talking and thinking about making it better.

But there’s a time to say enough debate. Right now, the Board seems unified behind the structural and fiscal reforms that the college’s administration has proposed. So, let’s acknowledge their right as the elected representatives of the city to lead the college where they think best and get back to what we do best — working with our students.

Chancellor Harris will address the CCSF Board of Trustees during the regular January meeting, Thursday, January 24, 6 pm at the Ocean Campus, Multi-Use Building, room 140.


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