State Vice Chancellor Addresses the Board — Tonight

Tonight, California Community Colleges State Executive Vice Chancellor Erik Skinner will have a “conversation” with the CCSF Board of Trustees.

This is the second visit from a high placed official in the State Chancellor’s office since the accreditation crisis began. Last time, then-Chancellor Jack Scott told the Trustees to bring a Special Trustee and get moving on making necessary changes. The Board acted by hiring Bob Agrella (as Special Trustee) and approving major changes in the college’s governance and administrative structure.

But many at the college are resisting the changes and Agrella went to the state Board of Governors to say the college won’t make the March 15 deadline imposed by the accrediting commission.

What will Skinner say tonight? The State Chancellor’s office has the right to take over the college at any time, if they believe we won’t make the changes needed to remain accredited. So Skinner is likely to deliver a tough love message — make the changes or we’ll make them for you.

After Skinner is finished, the Board vote for President and Vice President will be held. The pressure and stakes couldn’t be higher.

The meeting will be held at 6 PM at CCSF’s Ocean Campus, Multi-Use Building, room 140.


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