Status Quo is Not Acceptable

Class started last Wednesday. The good news is that I love my job and love being with students, again, especially after a summer of participating in too many meetings about the accreditation crisis at CCSF. The bad news is that it feels too much like business as usual – and that is not acceptable.

It’s not acceptable because City College is under imminent threat of losing accreditation – we must respond with a plan and progress by October 15 and submit a final response in by March 15. If our response doesn’t meet their standards, the college could cease to exist as we know it.

More importantly, business as usual is not acceptable because it means the same unacceptably low rates of passing in our developmental (some say remedial) education sequences, of transfer to four-year colleges, of graduation and certificate achievement. Too many of our community folks come to CCSF and leave after one or two semesters with little accomplished. For those, business as usual is not okay. For them, we have to change, to enliven our curriculum and modernize or pedagogy. For the students who need us most, status quo will not cut it.

So, while it’s great to be back in classes, instead of in meetings talking about accreditation, the college can’t go back to what it’s always done. We have to transform the college — our state, our city, and our students are depending on us.


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