Rodrigo Santos Appointed to CCSF Board

Yesterday, SF Mayor Ed Lee appointed Rodrigo Santos to the seat on the CCSF Board of Trustees left empty by the passing of Milton Marks.

About Santos, the SF Chronicle reported:

Santos has been criticized by some on the city’s political left as a conservative and polarizing figure.

He was registered as a Republican for years before changing his affiliation in 2008 to the American Independent Party, according to records from the San Francisco Department of Elections. He switched to the Democratic Party in December, those records show.

Santos came under scrutiny in 2005 for a potential conflict of interest when he headed the Building Inspection Commission but was also hired as an engineer to get approvals for a construction project the city department overseen by the commission had shut down. In many government agencies, it is considered an ethical violation for an official to try to influence decisions in which he has a financial stake.

Lee’s press release announcing Rodrigo’s appointment also made no mention of his position as board president for the San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth, a political action committee that campaign finance filings show is dominated by developers and contractors.

We’ll be watching Santos closely.


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