Let’s take responsibility and move forward together

In the wake of all the headlines (here, here, and here), let’s be clear:

City College of San Francisco is open and will continue to be open. Students will continue to experience the same educational opportunities they have enjoyed in the past, no matter what happens in the coming year. (See Chancellor Fisher’s message to CCSF students on the front page of the college website.)

At the same time, CCSF has some work to do if it is to retain the independence and local control the college has had for the first 75 years of its existence. Our accrediting commission, has told us to fix some problems. We have to fix the budget, do better planning that is more closely linked to our programs’ successes and to the budget, streamline our decision making processes, and more carefully track what our students learn. And we must do it by March 15, 2013. If we don’t, we’ll lose our accreditation and probably become a campus of another college.

This is a challenge and an opportunity.

This is the time for the CCSF faculty to join with the students, the staff, the administration, the Board, and the entire city of San Francisco. Together we can face this challenge and seize the opportunity to make our college even better for our community. To do that we have to take responsibility for where the college is (both our successes and the places we can improve), tackle what we need to do to fix it, and move forward. We must embrace change, become more flexible, and listen to the forces in the society of which we are a part. Doing that may not be easy or comfortable. But if we do it, I firmly believe we have the expertise, the experience, the vision, and the passion to keep City College of San Francisco a part of San Francisco, where it belongs.


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